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Technical Solutions you won't find elsewhere

Fort Austin has invested in assembling a national group of technology experts, focused on creating security standards, best practices, training content, and automated processes applied using advanced technology. This dedicated team, called Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS), provides the technology infrastructure empowering our field and remote engineers to deliver an exceptional level of service.


Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) is a national group of dedicated technology experts within Fort Austin. The ATS team empowers our field and remote engineers to provide world-class service to all clients, through the application of standards, best practices, and technology to service delivery.

Security & Technology Expertise

Our clients gain industry leading expertise from our Advanced Technology Services team. This includes custom developed solutions and IT strategic plans, including automation scripts designed to accomplish tasks and methodologies in creating efficiencies and empowering work forces.

Exceptional Advanced Technology Service

The ATS group maintains Fort Austin's standard and best practices, used internally by our engineers nationwide, ensuring all customers receive the same level of service.  Advanced Technology Solutions also provides our engineers with training and escalation assistance.

Your Trusted Technology Partner

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