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Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Minor Support Requests

As companies grow in scale and size, so do support tickets for requests such as password resets or virus/spyware removal, all of which can be resolved with an Enterprise Help Desk.  These matters quickly become difficult to manage as companies approach enterprise-scale user levels and find hundreds of these more minor issues using up valuable internal IT department time.

Industry Leading Resolution Times

Fort Austin's Enterprise Help Desk utilizes a personal approach instead of simple ticketing systems or scripts. By taking a smart and proactive support approach, we can provide friendly, efficient support with industry leading resolution times.

Enterprise Scalability

Our  help desk is specially designed to support companies with 250 or more users. As your company  grows, so does our support. Avoid the growing pains of hiring and training new support staff with Fort Austin's Enterprise Help Desk.

Account Specific Guidebook

Our process starts with an in-depth discovery and documentation process for every Enterprise Help Desk client. By understanding how your business operates and the software you use in day-to-day operations, we assure a rapid and accurate resolution.

4-Tier Support

From basic password resets and virus/spyware removal to advanced level engineering issues, our Enterprise Help Desk can address it all. If the issue requires on-site resources, we can provide guidance and help remediate the issue and prevent further occurrences.

The Fort Austin Approach

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The service provides regular management of systems and networks that will keep your PCs, servers and network up and running so you minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Any issues that emerge have quick responses and solutions. Your employees stay productive and your systems are protected, secure and available when you need them most with our managed IT services and support.

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